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About Darling Buds

Dr. Tejinder Bhatti’s Darling Buds Clinic, located at Chandigarh, India, is today regarded as one of the first international clinics totally dedicated to FUE hair transplant. It is the first clinic in the world, previously doing 100% FUT hair transplants, to completely transform into a ‘FUE only’ hair transplant center as long back as 2009. Darling Buds Hair Transplant Center is the largest individually owned, non-franchise hair transplant clinic in India. They do not compare themselves with run of the mill clinics (over 550 in India) run from homes. The clinic is situated in Downtown Chandigarh on the Fountain Plaza, in Sec-17, considered widely as the hub of all business activity in this part of North India.


Darling Buds is the only unit in India using high magnification by all assistants to avoid accidental sacrificing of your precious hair while harvesting, counting, cleaning and placement of your FUE grafts. Since all is done under the best of vision, their transection rate is one of the lowest in the world.They  selectively harvest grafts in the anagen phase which are in full bloom and will give you an earlier pleasing result which shall last long. They have trademarked this technique as the “GOLDEN HARVEST ™”.


Quality assurance at Darling Buds starts with the selection of their NHT technicians. All technicians must have passed the ACC hand-eye co-ordination test and amongst these, only the top five percent is selected to be part of their surgical team. Thereafter, these trainees are put through comprehensive and rigorous training programs before actually assisting the patient. As a principle, they only undertake one or two patients each day to ensure optimum efficiency. The Clinic, exclusively perform hair transplantation.


The ability to harvest body grafts from the beard, chest, underarms,, etc using customised equipment and finesse has highlighted this center as one of the foremost in the world performing huge BHT mega sessions.


According to statistics, Darling buds have treated different  regions which are shown as below:

  • Male pattern baldness – 80.22%
  • Female pattern baldness – 8.58%
  • Eyebrows – 4.10%
  • Moustaches – 3.92%
  • Beard – 0.56%
  • Pubic – 0.18%
  • Burns – 2.42%


In this, 81.72% of the transplantation procedures are done by Dr. Bhatti and 18.28% of the procedures are performed by an Assistant doctor/technical staff.


Dr. Bhatti’s Draling Buds is known world wide and  has treated a number of patients from different countries viz., South Asia (including India) – 43.47%, North America – 34.70%, UK – 12.87%, Europe –3.17%, Australia and NZ –3.35%, South Africa –1.11%, Japan – 1.30%


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